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  1. axn140

    How to create m3u, m3u8 files direct from you local card - Dreambox reciever

    install vlc open the webif of your box with your pc type the ip address of your box in a browser 192.168.x.x pick a channel via the small tv icon far right of screen open it with vlc click tools then codec info copy the url it will look like this...
  2. axn140

    Iptv converter

    Copy list from m3u files and paste heer
  3. axn140

    How to setup Mgcamd-Oscam-Cccam

    How to setup Mgcamd-Oscam-Cccam '' Most basic setup you need 3 config files for oscam and those are oscam.conf, oscam.server and oscam.user. Oscam.conf [global] nice = -1 WaitForCards = 1 # logging logfile = /dev/console pidfile = /tmp/ usrfile = /tmp/oscam-user.log cwlogdir =...
  4. axn140


    oscam-svn10656-syn_atom-webif-Light.tar.gz oscam-svn10656-syn_atom-webif-libusb-ssl-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10656-syn_atom-webif-libusb-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10656-syn_atom-webif-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10656-dreambox_fpu-webif-Light.tar.gz...
  5. axn140

    New Oscam OE2.0

    oscam-svn10649-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-Light.tar.gz oscam-svn10649-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-libusb-ssl-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10649-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-libusb-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10649-mips-tuxbox-oe2.0-webif-Distribution.tar.gz Download
  6. axn140


    oscam-svn10651-i686-webif-libusb-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10651-i686-webif-libusb-pcsc-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10651-i686-webif-Distribution.tar.gz oscam-svn10651-powerpc-tuxbox-old-webif-Light.tar.gz oscam-svn10651-powerpc-tuxbox-old-webif-ssl-Distribution.tar.gz...
  7. axn140

    OSCam 10648-Emu

    OSCam 10648-Emu Do testu najnowsza wersja OSCam-Emu,której pliki konfiguracji znajdują się w /var/keys Black Hole enigma2-plugin-cams-oscam-10648_Emu_Black_Hole_mips32el.ipk pobierz za darmo - Darmowy hosting plików VTi enigma2-plugin-cams-oscam-10648_Emu_VTi_Panel_mips32el.ipk pobierz za...
  8. axn140

    How To Install Oscam and csp on ubuntu 12.04 32 bit

    How To Install Oscam and csp on ubuntu 12.04 32 bit apt-get update apt-get install build-essential apt-get install subversion apt-get install libssl-dev libpcsclite-dev apt-get install libssl-dev libssl0.9.8 apt-get install mercurial cvs subversion libncurses-dev apt-get install cmake 2)...
  9. axn140

    CCcam - All Versions Download Here

    CCcam - All Versions Download Here Version History CCcam 1.0.0 - CCcam 2.3.0 (present)
  10. axn140

    iptv setup for beginners

    Stay here and wait good response