CSP MySQL User Manager v3.1.0 released!

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3.1.0 [2015-04-03]
[+] Random genxmlkey function
[+] Manager activity logging
[+] Internal start-/expiredate handling
[+] Send osd to all connected users
[+] IP lookup on connected users (requires internet access)
[+] Change sort order of expired/soon expired users on dashboard
[+] Listing not started users on dashboard
[#] Only log failed admin logins
[#] Only log failed genxml requests
[#] Fixed broken css on text logo
[#] Changed pencil icon on dashboard buttons to text
[#] Improved profile handling in genxml function
[#] Improved start/expired user listing
[#] Improved start-/expiredate handling
[#] Improved quick enabled for not started and expired users
[#] Improved install script
[#] Changed MySQL engine to InnoDB for better performance
[-] Fixed improper error page


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Hello everybody,

Just wanted to let you know that I found a critical bug in the new internal start-/expiredate system. Users will be all enabled even if they are disabled or expired. This is fixed and version 3.1.1 is released. To upgrade, simply remove all files except the config.php from your cmum3 www-dir, upload the new files from this released, browse to http://your.cmum.url/upgrade/ to run the upgrade tool, remove the install-dir and upgrade-dir from the cmum3 www-dir, all done :)

You can download 3.1.1 here https://github.com/dukereborn/cmum/releases