How to create m3u, m3u8 files direct from you local card - Dreambox reciever

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install vlc

open the webif of your box with your pc
type the ip address of your box in a browser

pick a channel via the small tv icon far right of screen
open it with vlc

click tools
then codec info

copy the url
it will look like this

change the red bit
for your real ip address

google whats my ip

make a list like below
with your real ip

portforward in your router port 8001
to your box ip

give someone the list
play on any mediaplayer

must be able to use brain

these are dead

example list

#‎EXTINF‬:-1,Sky Sports 1
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Sports 2
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Spts Darts
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Sports 4
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Sports 5
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Sports F1
#EXTINF:-1,Sky Sp NewsHQ