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+ Added French translation
+ Added Thai translation
+ Added Hebrew translation
+ Added Turkish translation
+ Added support for synchronized lyrics (SYLT) in MP3 files
+ Added the ability to play VOD HLS streams
+ Added text to speech feature
+ Added the ability to zoom, pan and stretch the image using Ctrl, Alt, Shift + mouse drag combination
+ Added the ability to set screen position of subtitles using Ctrl, Alt + mouse drag combination
- Fixed an issue where certain files cannot be decoded with CoreAVC
- Fixed a problem where game capture function did not work properly
- Fixed a problem where the program skips the next items when skip ending function was enabled
- Fixed an issue that can not play files from certain FTP servers
- Some arrangements in association and configuration tabs of preferences dialog
- Separated Built-in Audio Renderer into two different choices as Built-in Directsound and WASAPI Audio Renderers
- Improved controlling of playback audio speed
- Improved SRT subtitle loading